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Why you should be concerned

Healthy soil is the cornerstone to a successful organic lawn. Pesticides can kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil that are necessary to establish a healthy lawn.

Pesticides can be tracked indoors and residues can persist in household dust and carpets.

There is increasing knowledge of the human health and environmental effects from pesticides. Children are uniquely vulnerable to harmful effects from pesticide exposure. The National Cancer Institute reports that children are at risk for brain and other cancers and are 6 times more likely to develop leukemia when lawn pesticides are used at home.

Many pesticides are classified as endocrine disruptors, substances that mimic, block, or interfere with reproductive and growth hormones. The full health effects of exposure to endocrine disruptors early in life are permanent and irreversible.

Pets are also at risk for pesticide exposure since they play and sleep on grass and sometimes ingest it.

Pesticide runoff pollutes ground and surface waters , which threatens the safety of our aquatic environments and drinking water supplies . Many lawn pesticides are highly toxic to aquatic organisms.

Many pesticides remain toxic longer than the recommended “24 hour” re-entry period.

Although all products are registered, the inert ingredients may be even more toxic than the active approved ingredient and may compose up to 99% of the product.